Product Description

VSAT or Very Small Aperture Terminal is a transceiver (transmitter receiver). It provides a two-way link between the ground antenna and the satellite.

This superb 3 watt Loki transceiver is one of the Global Invacom range of Ka band VSAT products, all aimed at providing high performance and high reliability whilst maintaining low cost solutions for the burgeoning Ka band satellite communications market. Building on the knowledge and experience developed over many years of supplying VSAT products at Ku band, the whole product range has been developed to meet the stringent demands of providing interactive data services at Ka band.

The global Invacom integrated Ka band Loki transceiver incorporates a high isolation Ortho-Mode Transducer (OMT) and hence offers full duplex communications to DVB-RCS specifications with a transmit power of 3W(+34dBm). The unit utilises temperature compensation to provide excellent transmit gain stability with high linearity. A low phase noise local oscillator is employed, that can be phase locked to an external 10MHz reference or utilise a highly stable internal reference, providing high frequency accuracy with low drift desirable for narrow uplink channel applications.

If required, extended DiSEqC control offers additional transmitter functionality, including output power calibration, adaptive power control and DC power-save commands. The microprocessor provides operational status monitoring and reporting. The integrated Ka band low noise receiver block provides high gain with a low noise figure, a phase lock oscillator provides low phase noise and superior frequency stability.

The Loki transceiver is housed in a compact lightweight enclosure, with standard fixings allowing mounting to most antenna types. If required the unit can be supplied as a complete ODU with a suitable Ka antenna.

  • key Features

    • DVB-RCS Compliance
    • 3 Watt Output Power
    • High Stability PLL Transmit & Receive Chains
    • Constant Gain
    • Remote DiSEqC Function
    • Light Weight
    • High Stability PLL receiver
    • Excellent Compatibility with our Ka Band Range of Antennas
    • Attractive Bundle Prices when Purchased in Conjunction with our Ka Band Antennas