Fibre Optic

Product Description

Leveraging off the technologies of our parent company, Global Professional are able to offer many L band to Fibre solutions for applications where cable distance signal loss is a major factor.

Currently within our Fibre portfolio we can offer compact cost effective solutions for:

  • Earth Stations and Teleports
  • Broadcast Facilities
  • VSAT Hubs and Terminals
  • Maritime Antennas
  • IP Gateways
  • TT&C Stations

We are also able to offer rack mount fibre distribution products and fibre to L band rack mount converters.

In addition, we can also offer a range of modular high performance fibre links, as used by satellite or teleport operators, for L-band up- or downlink, 10MHz reference signal transmission or IF-Band frequencies.

Products in this Category:

  • VSAT Fibre LINK


  • TVRO Fibre LINK

  • Wideband FIBRE LINK

  • Fibre - L Band Head End Equipment

  • High Performance Interfacility Fibre Link

  • Fibre Redundancy Switch

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