Product Description

Realtime editing platform

The PostPlatform is the new solution for realtime editing of proxy files and contains the PostLink unit and the PostHub software. If you are out in the field shooting news or other time-sensitive content, you can transfer files wireless with the PostLink unit. So there is no need to wait for the delivery of physical media. The receiving server gets a high resolution edit file from the original source, with all the original audio, video and metadata, based on the EDL. The PostLink unit in cooperation with the PostHub software automates the offline production of content, transferring real time proxy files and high res fragments based on edit lists. PostLink uses bonded wireless networks to transfer the low res files to the backend editing systems.


As soon as the PostHub receives the low res proxy files, there can be started with the post production process. When the process with the low res proxy files is finished and the first EDL files are available, the PostLink will send frame accurate the selected high res media parts from its solid state disk (SSD) and transfers them using bonded wireless and wired IP channels. This can be Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and any other IP channel. The PostLink has by default a 1TB SSD which be swapped any time.


Integrated in Post Production Applications

The PostLink is designed to integrate with AVID systems, but is now compatible with more post production applications. The interface of the PostHub is based on the well-known XDCAM cam packaging structure and EDL file lists.


Camera mount or in a backpack 

The PostLink fits on the back of an ENG camera, but can be carried in a special backpack as well.


QR Code file recognition

To fully automate the naming of the transferred files, the PostLink recognizes QR codes with content information which can be scanned by using the camera before the take starts. The PostLink starts recording as soon as the record button on the camera is pressed or on the unit itself



  • 2 x RJ-45
  • SD and HD SDI
  • SD and HD HDMI
  • 6.3 mm Jack IFB/Audio return
  • 2 x USB
  • Touch screen
  • Optional SSD 2.5" sleeve


  • SD; full D1
  • HD; 720p50, 720p60 and 720p59,94, 1080P30
  • HD; 1080i50, 1080i60 and 1080i59,94


  • H 264 high profile MVP codec 
  • H.265 main profile


  • 8 Modems, LTE(4G), fallback 3G
  • WiFI 
  • Ethernet 


  • 1 TB; upgradabel 


  • WiFi hotspot
  • Access via ethernet interface


  • 10/100/1000 base-T (combined with second Ethernet port)


  • Dedicated appliance 12-24 volt
  • Weighs approximately 1,1 kilograms
  • 15cmx25cmx6cm (Wxhxd)


  • PostPro: In this mode the system records next to a high res CBR a low res proxy file which can used for remote editing and only partial retrieve
  • Recording: CBR encoding at 30 Mbit on internal or external SSD disk
  • Live; Adaptive encoding and bitrate change with three options or with a slider (optional), with configurable delay between 1-60 seconds 
  • Store and Forward: send over contents of an USB stick to a FTP server; available with separate license
  • Satellite + 3G/4G+ BGAN: Specific modes to optimize transmission over BGAN and KA satellite; available with separate license
  • With Satellite +3G/4G we can keep the delay at 1.8 seconds using 3G/4G modems for the return channel and IFB.; available with separate license
  • Stand-by/Databonding: In this mode the unit is a true databonding unit for high speed uploads and Internet access. Also in the other modes data connectivity is available but live video gets prioritized; available by separate license


  • Dome Antenna; omniderectional antenna array 3 dBi


  • Integrated antenna array
  • PSU 90-220 Volt AC to 12 Volt DC


  • Custom made backpack
  • key Features

    • High Res Local Storage
    • Low Res Proxy 3G/4G upload
    • Create EDL Edit on the computer
    • EDL Info back to the unit
    • Send High Res Final Edit over to the computer