Product Description

Live TV clipping application

Be the source on Social Media

With today’s Social Media and video consumption it is all about being the first to publish important video clips from live  channels directly on social media platforms. SpotOn is a clipping and selection system which enables editorial team to publish interesting moments from a live channel within 30 seconds on Social Media platforms without the need of complicated editing systems.

Generate more views with your orginal content

When you are the first to share your clip, everybody will reference to your Facebook, Periscope or Youtube channel. But being the first is always a challenge. With the SpotOn service you will always win. SpotOn enables to grab highlights from (live)streams within a couple of seconds to share them on social media or to your own VOD platform.


Webbased through the LinkMatrix and available for IOS and Android devices

SpotOn is fully integrated within Mobile Viewpoint LinkMatrix and can be used as an app for IOS and Andreoid platforms as well. 

  • key Features

    • Grab clips from live and VOD
    • Up to 24hrs back in time
    • Mark in and out on scene changes
    • Push directly to your own CMS/CDN/Social Media
    • Integrated part of the Mobile Viewpoint LinkMatrix portal