Line Amplifiers & Attenuators

Product Description

Line Amplifiers & Attenuators

Global Professional offer a range of line amplifiers suitable for both L band and VSAT applications.

For L Band we offer both slope equalized and flat gain and for VSAT applications, the customer can specify gain for both 10MHz and L band.

L band amplifiers can be line powered or alternatively DC injected via the solder feed through. All DC passes directly to the output connection.


We can offer a range of attenuator values from 3dB to 30dB. All attenuators are designed to pass both DC and 10MHz (if required).

Products in this Category:

  • 16dB Slope equalized Line Amplifier

  • 20dB Flat Gain Line Amplifier

  • L-Band 50 to 75 Ohm Impedance Converter

  • L-Band and VSAT DC Block & Inserter

  • L Band Attenuator

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