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Long gone are the days when the family were happy to all sit in one room to watch the only Television in the home. Today's modern family can have the ability to view content delivered from many mediums including satellite, cable, Freeview and Bluray and do not necessarily wish to be restricted to where this content is viewed. Whilst in the past, many homes have been cabled to allow some viewing location choice, these distribution systems are now out dated and cannot support todays modern video formats of High Definition distribution. What is needed is a versatile, easily installable system that will deliver the best possible viewing experience at any HDTV around the home.

Provision Ltd is a British company that has designed and developed wireless HD connectivity products for use in both the home and commercial environments. Our goal has been to allow the home user the ability to unlock the viewing potential of all their HD devices to the whole home without the need for expensive upgrades ,new cable install's or costly visits by installation companies.

The Provision Wireless HD sender/receiver system can simply be connected to the HD source with the receiver unit connected to the HDTV to be viewed. The install is a simple plug-and-play, requires no expert knowledge and can be migrated around the home as required. Any HDTV within the home can be connected to the source equipment and in less than 5 minutes, HD is delivered to the new viewing location. The system is highly portable and requires no internal structured cabling in order to operate. HD anywhere in in your home in seconds!

If required, multiple viewing locations can be connected to the system and the system can quickly be expanded to cover more than one additional viewing location. Bedrooms, children's play rooms, kitchens and garage can become quickly transformed into HDTV viewing locations with the aid of the Provision wireless system.

Additionally, Provision has now developed and expanded the system to support the use of mobile devices such smart phones, ipads and tablets. HD content from your source device is now beamed directly to tablet/phone via your WiFi network. Watch your favourite TV series or Bluray film anywhere in your home or garden!
Commercially our equipment also has many applications and is used extensively in the education sector in schools and colleges for overhead AV video presentations and classroom sharing of video content on tablet devices. Additionally our wireless equipment may be found in the entertainment and retail industry where HD real time content delivery is extremely important.

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