Product Description

Intelligent, Unmanned, Low cost Live Production of News

Automated news direction and cameraman in one

The automated studio products enables broadcasters to make completely automated news productions without the need of a cameraman or director. A set of 3 controlled camera’s, a switcher and graphics engine controlled by MVP’s Virtual Director software will create a vivid and accurate capture of any interview or news production.

NewsPilot is a fully-automated software solution based on AI algorithms that automatically switches and controls PTZ cameras, plays graphics and stored content by analyzing 3D video images and audio signals from the TV studio. Automated Studio mimics a real director, leaving the presenters to do what they are good at, which is making a live broadcast.

NewsPilot is part of the Mobile Viewpoint solutions suite and LinkMatrix webportal and can be an add-on to your existing production system. No need for extra but enables you to deploy more channels without the need of extra personnel.

The NewsPilot platform contains the following products:

  • Autopointer which insures focus and pointing of PTZ camera’s
  • Virtual Director which switches between cameras based on AI algorithms and external input like microphone levels, autocue status and rundown script
  • CameraLink, a robotic camera arm, making shots comparable with those of a Dolly but against the price of a PTZ camera.
  • key Features

    • Full automated software solution based on A.I. algorithms
    • Automatically switches and controls PTZ cameras based on 3D sensors
    • Auto-directions based on audio, Auto Cue and a web based control panel
    • Full integrated with the LinkMatrix portal