Fibre Integrated Reception System

Product Description

Utilising eye safe laser technology and the seemingly limitless bandwidth offered by fibre optic cable, the Global Invacom FibreIRS system delivers greater capacity, over wider distances, more cost effectively and to more homes than have ever been previously achievable. The concept is fairly simple, the technology behind it not so!

This unique and patented system spent over 8 years in development in R&D labs both in the UK & China prior to its launch in the summer of 2009.

In today's digital world and more so that of the future, traditional distribution systems will not suffice. One cable feeding one tuner is simply not enough to connect the basic equipment required or expected by or technologically savvy society.

The Fibre Integrated Reception brings together the available Satellite – Digital Terrestrial – Digital Audio, FM Radio, Whilst removing all of the constraints of the traditional power hungry amplified switch systems and provides your communal property or housing development with a reliable future proof distribution infrastructure fit for the 21st Century.

Scalable From 1 to 10,000's of Connected Homes

The system is scalable from 1 connected home to 10,000's of connected homes - each receiving the same signals and signal strength as they would if they were connected to their own individual dish and terrestrial aerials.

Passive Network

All of the required services will be delivered over a Passive Optical Network, with no active components in the network there is little to no chance of failure.

No Special Reception Equipment Required

All chosen services are delivered un-altered to each connected home, negating the need for any special reception equipment - what's received at the antennas is exactly what is received at every point on the network.

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